Multi Name Uppercase Font with Diamonds - Order Up To 6 Names!

This necklace features up to 6 names of your choice! You can now add a diamond(s) to this necklace too!


UPPERCASE letters only.  Price is based on how many names you enter.  


Example: if entering 4 names, select 4 for number of names. 


Please allow up to 6 weeks for this item to ship even with expedited shipping.


If you want to order one with a date, please use dashes ONLY in between the numbers.


**If you want more than 10 characters for any of the names please email BEFORE placing your order. We will need to approve the character amount first. Thanks.**


Diamonds will automatically be added in between the names. 

2 names: 1 diamond

3 names: 2 diamonds 

4 names: 3 diamonds

5 names: 4 diamonds

6 names: 5 diamonds


Example shown:  From left to right

Name #1: MARY

Name #2: LEO

Name #3: N/A

Name #4: N/A

Name #5:  N/A

Name #6:  N/A


Please write N/A in the text box if you do not require that many names for the necklace.  We will space them evenly. 


Ordering just a symbol counts as a name when selecting the total number of names from the drop box.


  • 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, or 14K Rose Gold
  • Up to 6 names allowed
  • Chain Length: 14", 15", 16", 17", or 18"
  • Height: Approx. 0.30"
  • Length: Based on number of letters - up to 10 allowed per name


** You can ADD a name and diamond to this style necklace at a later date! **


Number of Names:

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