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This adorable mini initial necklace is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection!


Please allow up to 5 weeks for this item to ship even with expedited shipping.


HEARTS AND STARS COUNT AS CHARACTERS.  Example shown in the image is 3 LETTERS/SYMBOLS total.


We will not process your order unless the correct amount of NUMBER OF LETTERS/SYMBOLS has been selected.


Select N/A for letters not required.

Example shown for ordering: 3 NUMBER OF LETTERS/SYMBOLS
Letter #1: C
Letter #2: K
Letter #3: D
Letter #4: N/A
Letter #5: N/A
Letter #6: N/A


  • 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold
  • Uppercase block font only
  • Approx. 0.2" - size varies slightly per letter


** Please note the necklace may differ in look based on the shape of each letter **


If you are interested in a necklace with more than 6 letters/symbols please email to order.


** You can ADD an initial/symbol to this style necklace at a later date! **

Number of Letters/Symbols

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